Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Product Review: Picture Keeper

How many photos do you currently have on your hard drive that are not backed up? If you're like me, you have thousands! At a moment's notice your computer could crash and leave those thousands of priceless memories lost.
If you've put off backing up your photos because of the hassle of trying to figure out HOW (like me), this product is for you! My mom gave me the Picture Keeper as a gift and it is simply amazing! On the package it says "Simply Plug & Save!" and they truly mean it. There is NO software to download. You literally just plug it in your USB port and it automatically saves all the pictures on your computer to the flash drive!
Within minutes, all 3000+ of my pictures were SAFE! That is a good feeling!
They have different capacities you can choose from. Picture Keeper 4 (or PK-4) will hold up to 4,000 pictures, PK-8 will hold up to 8,000 and PK-16 will hold up to 16,000 pictures!
If you want to know more details about the Picture Keeper, please go to their website, http://www.picturekeeper.com/.

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