Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GolfNow.com: Discount Tee Times

My husband actually told me about this website. According to their website: "GolfNow offers a complete listing of golf courses across the US, many with online discount tee times."
It's very easy to search for and book the tee time you want. It's handy too that they list the price for each tee time so you know the cost right up front and also how much savings (if any) you'll get by booking a specific time.
For example: I searched for tee times at Quail Heights Country Club in Lake City on Wednesday, June 22nd- the 1:20pm tee time is $16/person. I then checked with the Quail Heights official website and they have a 1:15pm tee time listed for $38.
So, by using GolfNow.com, you get basically the same tee time for half price!

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